About Carl Nelson – The Dancer

Carl Nelson has been a dancer since 2001 focusing on lindy hop, charleston and other traditional jazz dances from the 1920s to the 1940s.  He has won numerous competitions all over the country, taught at events ranging from small local classes to large national events, and has performed for a variety of organizations and events.  He has also trained in modern jazz, tap, and funk styles.

His dance style is dynamic and innovative, focusing on the natural mechanics of the body and the rhythm and mood of the music he is dancing to. As a teacher he is thorough and clear in explaining and connecting movements and concepts to students in a manner that they understand from their daily life.

About Carl Nelson – The Consultant

Carl Nelson has been involved in running dance studios and classes since 2004 where he has been an educator, teacher trainer, artistic director and a studio owner.  He is also an active participant in the web and startup scene as a freelancer and consultant on content strategy, design, technology and marketing.  He has been blogging and writing about technology, business and dance since 2006.

He is the cofounder of NOLAlicious, an award-winning weekly email newsletter focused on New Orleans life and culture in its first year of operation.  He also cofounded LindyHopVideo.com, a small business focused on delivering streaming video content from dance events that is in its second year of operation.