Who Are You and How I Can Help

You are one of these people:

  • Dance Teacher: You work long hours at a studio or multiple studios.  You travel to teach or teach locally.  You teach group classes, private lessons or both.  You have your core of students but struggle to get new students or retain old students.
  • Dance Studio Owner/Manager: You have put your heart into creating a full out studio.  Each day you work to bring students in, fill your studio with teachers and classes, and promote your classes to the community.  You may even be the primary teacher at your studio.  You are stretched thin and struggle to keep everything together.
  • Dance Performer: You may be a teacher but your real passion is performance.  You spend hours creating or learning choreography, perfecting and teaching them to the other dancers.  You struggle to get your works seen and publicized and bring in the crowds.
  • Aspiring Dancer: You are working to establish your name in your chosen dance.  Whether you want to be a teacher or a national performer or competitor you spend hours learning and perfecting your craft in hopes to achieve your goals.  You struggle to get your name out there without spending every last dime you have.

How I Can Help:

  • Social Media Marketing: The social web has changed the ways of marketing for good.  It has created an array of tools which can be leveraged for exceptionally low costs (and free) to reach far wider audiences than traditional media allowed.  I teach how to use these tools to reach out to a community you may not even have known existed and to reach out the communities that you already know of with more power and impact.
  • Business Streamlining: Many small business owners concentrate their time on ineffective and low-yield tasks which do not affect their bottom-line.  The strength of small businesses is in their ability to skip the traditional avenues and focus on lean, mobile marketing and business practices.  I help focus your efforts to create and mobilize resources for the maximum results on the least amount of money (something most small businesses don’t have much of).
  • Social Networking: The social web has given us the power to reach out far faster and with far greater reach than traditional methods allowed.  Websites like Facebook and Twitter provide the power to create networks within your profession far beyond your local city or state with far less effort.  I help you understand these technologies and use them to create powerful networks of individuals who can help your business succeed.

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