Resources Roundup #001

I’ll be posting a resource roundup on and off where I will highlight posts on business development, marketing, social media, dancing, creativity and more that I found interesting and useful.

Creativity & Competitions by Jerry Almonte

Great dancing, or art in general, isn t just about technical skill, or even how creative you can be.  Important factors?  Certainly.  But there’s also the ability to reach out to an audience and get them to react on an emotional level; to see what you see rather than settling by just giving them what they want, whatever you think that is.

Thought Leadership on Social Media Strategy by Adam Singer

How often have you been in a meeting and heard things like “we need to be on Facebook, let’s get on Twitter, or why don’t we start blogging?”  In the social web, it’s analogous to inviting people to a theme party and not telling them what the theme is (or even knowing yourself).  If you approach social media in this way, expect your returns to be as predictable as the costumes your guests at the party will wear.

FREE AGENT by Evita Arce

I used to think I wanted to be “So and So” but that changed as I met new talented role models who I then wanted to emulate.  Now I realize I can not be any of those people.  It is impossible for me to re-create anything or anyone.  I have to discover “me” and be who “I” am suppose to be, so that eventually I am that role model for some one else.

Social Media Strategy: 10 Experts Reveal Their Strategies by Glen Allsop

Together, these people have been involved in social media as long as anyone else and discovered tactics to help you get the most out of the services. Not only that, but they’ve helped shape the way that marketers utilise these services and they teach how to do it in an honest, ethical manner.