Teaching @ Cat’s Corner August 11th, 7pm

I’m really excited to return to Montreal and teach for a night at Cat’s Corner next Wednesday, the 11th of August at 7pm.

It was where I cut my teeth as an instructor and worked in an amazing community. I hope to give back a little bit with this class on solo jazz inspiration and choreography.

All are welcome so long as you have experience with solo jazz and charleston, including line routines like the shim sham and big apple, people of all levels will get something out of it.

I will also be out dancing and available for private lessons from August 10th to the 14th. Contact me directly to book.

Master Class: Solo Jazz Inspiration & Choreography

Delve deeper into your solo jazz and dance with this master class. Tools and ideas to go from doing cool moves to having good movement. Carl will walk you through his process that makes choreographing and solo jazz a journey that reveals itself as you go.

With experience choreographing multiple solo and duet jazz pieces like this routine with Davis Thurber at Midwest Lindyfest 2008, Carl’s take on choreography is one of exploring narrative and structure from a birds eye view.

Experience in solo jazz & charleston highly recommended.

Class 20$, Wednesday 7pm, pre-registration encouraged.


info@catscorner.ca or 514-874-9846

PayPal: info@catscorner.ca

Classe Maître: Inspiration Solo Jazz & Chorégraphie

Plongez plus profondément dans vos solos jazz et votre danse en générale avec cette classe maître. Vous développerez les outils et les idées pour passer de gestes “cool” à l’exécution de bon mouvements complet. Carl vous accompagnera à travers le processus qui rend la chorégraphie et les solos jazz une démarche qui se définie au fur et à mesure que l’on progresse.

Avec sa grande expérience en tant que chorégraphe jazz en solo et en duo, telle que cette routine avec Davis Thurber at Midwest Lindyfest 2008, Carl défini la chorégraphie comme étant l’exploration d’une structure et d’une narration vue de haut.

Il est grandement recommandé d’avoir une expérience en solo jazz et en Charleston.

Cours 20$. Mercredi 7PM. Il est recommandé de réservé en avance.

Pour s’inscrire:

info@catscorner.ca 514-874-9846

PayPal: info@catscorner.ca

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