Virtual Dance Lesson Giveaway

A while ago I conducted an experiment in online dance instruction via Skype; and after some testing and feedback I think I’ve got it down.

I’ll be rolling out a virtual private lesson service so that I can work with people one-on-one or with small groups from anywhere in the coming weeks.

So to launch the virtual service, I’m offering 6 virtual dance lessons to Dance Nomad readers.

What do you mean virtual?

I mean we’re going to use the wonders of the internet and video conferencing to work together online.  Tools like Skype allow us to connect dancers from all over the globe to collaborate, learn and develop skills without having to constantly be in the same place.

I’ll contact the winners directly and we’ll schedule a time together.

How it works:

First… Become a fan of The Dance Nomad on the Facebook page.

Then… Leave a comment on why you think you should get the lesson.

I’ll use to select 3 of  winners and video it so you know it’s legit.

The other 3 winners will be selected based on their comment.

I’ll contact the winners and we’ll get the ball rolling.

What Else?

I expect that you’ll have the technical things worked out on your side; that means: decent internet connection, dance partner (unless you want to work solo), space to dance, and a web cam setup.

These will be 50 minute sessions.

You have to be a Facebook fan at the time of the drawing to win; so make sure you get on over to the Facebook page and leave a comment.

Drawing is closed. Thanks for all the entries.


Danielle Jacobowitz #permalink

I'm so confused. Do I enter here on Facebook? Can you just.. enter me? Lol.

CarlNelson #permalink

You enter by leaving a comment here and becoming a fan on Facebook.

David Lau #permalink

Throwing my hat in to the lottery. I'm kinda interested in how a virtual lesson will work out logistically if I do get it :] Also I wonder if the resolution on the webcam can possibly capture my awesome quality of movement 😛

Glenn Katzen #permalink

When is the drawing/selection? If it's not too late, I'm definitely interested. The virtual lesson idea is obviously new and innovative, and I'd love to give it a shot. I've also heard great things about Carl and think I could really benefit from a private lesson.

Natasha Duchene #permalink

well, I was thinking it didn't make sense to comment since there is no social dancing at all in Yellowknife right now, but then I got to thinking that I'd love to have a few friends over to the houseboat for a few tutorials. it's been ages since I've danced though, and I'd definitely want to brush up first. so um, pick me, you'll be helping to bring lindy hop to the North! :)

Olivier L #permalink

Hi Carl, I love the idea and I would like to enter the draw!
Thanks and talk to you soon!

SHORTYJOY #permalink

This is brilliant!

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Sarah Pritchett #permalink


Sarah Pritchett #permalink


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