Virtual Dance Lesson Giveaway

A while ago I conducted an experiment in online dance instruction via Skype; and after some testing and feedback I think I’ve got it down.

I’ll be rolling out a virtual private lesson service so that I can work with people one-on-one or with small groups from anywhere in the coming weeks.

So to launch the virtual service, I’m offering 6 virtual dance lessons to Dance Nomad readers.

What do you mean virtual?

I mean we’re going to use the wonders of the internet and video conferencing to work together online.  Tools like Skype allow us to connect dancers from all over the globe to collaborate, learn and develop skills without having to constantly be in the same place.

I’ll contact the winners directly and we’ll schedule a time together.

How it works:

First… Become a fan of The Dance Nomad on the Facebook page.

Then… Leave a comment on why you think you should get the lesson.

I’ll use to select 3 of  winners and video it so you know it’s legit.

The other 3 winners will be selected based on their comment.

I’ll contact the winners and we’ll get the ball rolling.

What Else?

I expect that you’ll have the technical things worked out on your side; that means: decent internet connection, dance partner (unless you want to work solo), space to dance, and a web cam setup.

These will be 50 minute sessions.

You have to be a Facebook fan at the time of the drawing to win; so make sure you get on over to the Facebook page and leave a comment.

Drawing is closed. Thanks for all the entries.

Experiments in Online Dance Instruction: Skype Lessons

Ever had an online class… in dance?

Probably not.  Online instruction is generally reserved for academics or non-physical activities.

Those dance instruction sites that do exist are usually just collections of non-interactive videos where instructors explain and walk through a specific move or concept with different breakdowns, but that’s not really a very personal learning environment.

Yet there are interactive possibilities usually reserved for the conference room that could easily be applied to a personalized online learning environment for dance, and they are widely available and nearly free.

skype logoSkype, probably the best known video and audio web telephone software, has a lot of potential for applications in online learning environments.

Students can call in from all over the world so long as they have an internet connection.  While the possibilities for direct physical feedback are less available, the array of potential students is vastly increased as the constraint of physical proximity is removed.

The Experiment

I’m offering free 30 minute private lessons via Skype as a test of the potential and limitations of online dance instruction.

If you’re interested contact me and we’ll set up a time that will work with both of us.

The only things I require are:

  • You provide your own webcam, skype, and internet connection.
  • You have a partner to work with on your end for physical feedback.
  • You understand that this is an experiment in learning and may have some glitches.

What I Hope To Learn

The benefits of reaching a global audience for private lessons is untold, however the limitations for video conference lessons are only partly known.  A few of the things I hope to learn are below.

  • Learn the limitations of the media (Skype & Video conferencing software)
  • Learn what types of material and topics are most accessible in this format
  • Learn what types of material and topics are least accessible in this format
  • Learn how to explain technique and material without resorting to physical feedback

I will be asking those who participate in this experiment to provide me feedback on the sessions, media and information presented and will be sharing that here.